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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  December 4, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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to officially be out of hospitals. the most painful part has actually been nerve damage, to not have sensation on the right side of my body can be really painful sometimes. i would much rather have a surgery every other week than have to feel the survivor's guilt. >> i would go over to the cemetery, and there would be the sweetest notes and little things on zach's grave from yvette, and i could read her pain, that she felt so guilty for having survived. i didn't want to intrude. i didn't want to force her to be part of our lives. i thought maybe it was too painful for her, but i really wanted her in my life, and my whole family felt this bond towards her. whenever i'm with her, i think...
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you were with my son, and he was happy that night with you. >> today, sy is the most consistently loving person that i could ever ask for in my life. and she's a person that knows how i feel. i feel selfish about it, but i really value when she tells me that she's happy that i'm here. i don't deserve it, but i appreciate it a lot.
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i tried for so long to be that girl i was when i was 18. and it was actually my mom who finally one day said, "you know, you're going to just need to mourn the yvette you were. she's gone, and you won't ever be her again. but you have the chance to be someone a lot different and a lot better." speaking of baseball, speaking of baseball... i went to college to be a news anchor. are you still recording? and i thought that was going to be my "happy ever after." but after the shooting and going through the court process, i realized that the law is where a lot of good can happen for people, and i decided to go to law school and am now able to help people in the law side of the criminal justice system.
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i work entirely with victims of crime, and while i don't tell my story with them and they don't know what's happened to me, i do feel like i'm able to give them a sense of compassion that maybe other people can't, and that means the world to me. today i'm 32 years old. i have a darling seven-year-old daughter. i was married at one point, and my ex-husband and i tried really hard to have that work, and it didn't, unfortunately, but he is the father of my daughter, and together i think we're raising a pretty good kid. so i feel really lucky in my life. >> i miss zach, and i think about him all the time, all the
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time. i don't dwell on his death any more. i dwell on his life. i have three children. my oldest is zachary taylor davis. i wanted to name him after zach. sometimes it just brings tears to my eyes because, you know, not only is he named after him but i think he looks a lot like him. >> every time i look at the moon i think of zachary. he's the man in the moon to me, and i can never look at the full moon without thinking of that night that he saw the beauty in that full moon. >> it's been 14 years since i was with zach last, and i think of him every single day.
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i can imagine his laugh. i would love to see him again and just run to him and hug him. and it's interesting, i think--i want to say, "wasn't that night so scary?" and have him look at me and say, "yeah, it was." and he would know what i was talking about. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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>> our attacker gagged us. i fought him. that's when he stabbed me in my neck, and i was saying my last prayer and thinking i'm going to die. >> he was nicknamed by the media as the "railroad killer." >> it became a national manhunt. >> i was afraid. i thought he would come back and get me. >> on television, online and on the go-- cbs news, the most powerful reporting anywhere.
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this is 9news now. i'm bruce johnson. thank you for joining us this saturday night. why is the fbi interested in this popular bash barbie dolls. tonight, it appears federal agents have concerns this new barbie may be used as a tool by child predators. we are joined live to find out how the fbi first government involved. >> reporter: first of all, let's take a look at the doll. it has a camera right here and what it is supposed to be is a necklace. behind a screen. the child can activate the camera with a button and then once the video is recorded that video can actually be uploaded through these cables to a computer and then to the internet and that's what got the fbi very concerned. >> reporter: cnn says the fbi
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issued this alert to local police jurisdictions warning them about the possibility that the barbie video doll could be used to make child pornography. they have not fine any incident at this time. mattel, the company that makes the doll made this statement "mattel products are designed with children and their best interests in mind." regardless parents we spoke to said they would not buy the doll. >> i don't want my child's picture on the internet. >> you are now putting it on the internet. you don't have control over what the kid can actually record. >> with the video camera. when they play with their friends i saw one of them. i was like oh, my goodness.
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>> reporter: now, bruce, why would the fbi even be looking at barbie dolls? there are couple of reasons. first of all, the fbi says that in past prosecutions of child porn have found them to use other barbie dolls in their criminal activity. so they wanted to be very proactive in this case when this doll came out earlier this summer. reporting live, back to you. >> okay. thanks a lot. right now police looking for a man accused of attacking a woman near a park. this all happened just before 7:30 p.m. tonight near clair a.j. road in wheaton maryland. she said she was on a sidewalk when a man came up behind her and tried to pull her into the park. she said the man threatened to her hurt but she was able to break free and run away. if you have any information about this attack please call montgomery police. let's go to our meteorologist.
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tom, any of this going to stay? >> not really, bruce. we are getting a few reports down to the south. i-64. but it is a big story for some. we had a clipper system dive in from tennessee now down to the south off the carolina coast but we are on the northern fringe so some southern sections have seen some flurries. down to blacksburg and orange, culpeper, richmond light know has been falling. snowing to the east to norfolk. very windy conditions. more on that in a few minutes. bruce? >> tom, thanks a lot. a showdown in the senate today over bush era tax cuts. republicans stuck down two proposals that would have extended tax cuts for the middle class. >> the motion is not agreed to.
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>> first proposal was to extend tax cuts for individuals making under $200,000 per year and married couples making less than 250,000. the other would have allowed taxes to rise for americans making more than $1 million a year. if congress cannot reach a compromise taxes will increase for all americans on january 1st. president barack obama said he is disappointed. >> makes no sense to hold tax cuts for the middle class, hostage to permanent tax cuts to the wealthiest 2% of americans. we need to get this resolved. >> the president says he is confident a deal can be reached by the end of the year. if the deal is not met higher taxes will have a ripple effect on the economy but as surae chinn reports tonight, experts say the housing market is one way the housing market can bounce back. >> reporter: a foreclosure property joanne snatched up for $24,000. >> it is my intention as an
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investor to turn this property over so that a family can move into it. >> reporter: she grabbed the deal at today's auction at the renaissance hotel in dc where we found many more investors than potential home buyers. experts find that troubling. >> the only way sadly to get out of this competent is to spend outer way out. >> reporter: analysts say housing and unemployment are driving factors in our competent and they say if there is uncertain on capitol hill and potential for higher taxes that creates even more uncertainty and the reluctance to spend money. >> it affects the bottom line. >> reporter: that means he may hesitate to buy the next time. >> if we have a poor christmas, if we don't spend our money the economy is going to stay stagnate. housing is not showing growth. >> reporter: while investors can build confidence, the mortgage consultant urges potential home buyers to come
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forward. he says if you are ready to come forward to step. >> the market to help our economy. >> the people that buy their house as their single largest investment need to come up to the plate and take a swing at buying a home. >> reporter: getting a compromise on tax cuts sooner could speed up that process. surae chinn, 9 news now. >> congressional leaders have to work out a tax cut before the end of the year to avoid raising taxes. >> the number of deadly pedestrian accidents in the district is down from last year that's according to reports out tonight. dc has had 12 traffic fatalities involving pedestrians. that's two less than this time last year. they have cited more than 250 pedestrians for violations. traffic alert tonight if you take 495 near telegraph road. because of construction on the woodrow wilson project the inner loop of the beltway will be narrowed from route 1 to
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telegraph starting next friday december 10th. the exit to telegraph road south will also be closed. the word is expected to wrap up by sunday december 12th. for other road conditions and updates all you have to do is go to our website at then click on traffic. mobile, alabama. a mother heart broken after learning her missing children are now dead. >> if they are dead i want to bury them. they deserve that. they don't deserve to be out in the world. they need to come home. >> she spent the day looking for the bodies of 5-year-old natalie and 3-year-old chase. tonight their father is behind bars after telling police the youngsters were dead and facing numerous charges. the kids were first reported missing back in july. in california a 9-year-old girl is recovering after a knock at the door ended with the girl being shot. police say the child answered the door. bullets came flying into the home after that. amazingly she was only hit once.
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emergency crews took her to the hospital with critical injuries. she is expected to survive. officers are now looking for the shooter. heavy snowfall canceled more than 325 flights out of chicago's o'hare airport. the planes that got out were still faced with a 30-minute delay. snowfall up to 5 inches in the windy city. >> we are not going to have that here. the bigger story really is that the average high temperature this time of year is 51 and it is not in the seven-day outlook. a very cold and windy forecast in just a few minutes. >> also, after 2000 years the ancient city of pompepei --
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one of the world's most famous archaeological sites. the government is under fire for neglecting pompei and other monuments. here is the story. >> reporter: the ancient city is in danger again.
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2000 years after it was buried by volcanic ash, this popular historic site is being threatened again by water. in the last month four structures have collapsed in torrentialal rain. the school for gladiators is now a pile of rubble. officials blame the remain but many others blame the italian government saying it hasn't done enough to protect italy's vast cultural heritage. in rome earlier this year a piece of the coliseum fell to the ground and the roof of the emperor's house crumbled. the mayor of modern-day pompei says most of pompei is exposed to the elements and to tourists. over 2. 5 million people visit pompei every year. >> there is a lot to maintain here. >> they have been here for a
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long time and i'm sure they will be here a lot longer. >> reporter: but italians are worried without quick action this valuable artifact of the ancient world may soon be gone. newest ahead. a good samaritan pulls a man to safety just seconds before the train nearly hits the victim. plus, temps dropping across the washington area. but how cold will it get? the full 9news forecast right after the break. [ male announcer ] febreze wooden wick candle.
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>> i would like to say hello and wish my wife a merry christmas and happy new year. miss you. see you soon. love you. caught on tape in spain. off duty police officer saved a man after he fell onto the subway tracks. take a look at this. police say the 41-year-old victim was intoxicated when he
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fell off the platform. they hoped to get the conductor to slow down. that's when the off-duty officer jumped down, pulls the man out of the way just seconds before the train pulls in. tonight a group of college students lucky to be alive after a violent bus crash in vermont. >> we are kind of in disbelief. you are going across and seeing the bus going into the opposing lane and you're just like i don't even believe this is happening right now. >> here is what he is talking about. students from the university of massachusetts amherst were on their way to ski when the bus operator lost control on the highway yesterday. the charter bus slammed into a concrete medium and then flipped over. emergency crews took 17 people to the hospital. some of them in critical condition. >> most of the injuries came from when the bus tipped over and all the windows on the bottom side,which was the right side smashed.
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>> it was frightening. it was a lot of confusion because you don't know what's going on. >> people managed to escape injury. university has sent cars and other vehicles to bring the students back to campus. the red cross today sorted thousands of cards to send to military bases, hospitals and other locations across the world. from the first lady to boy scouts troops, army wives, people have been sending their cards from all over the u.s. a partner. this is the fourth year the red cross has gathered and mailed out the cards. this year's goal was to collect 1 million of those cards. u.s.o. held a holiday celebration for children in arlington. more than 200 children came out. they were treated to breakfast and face painting. there were volunteers dressing up in costumed characters. the company says it is tradition to forego a holiday
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party for those employees instead donate time and money to help host this celebration event. for light displays start with the annual festival of lights in downtown frederick, maryland. they flicked the switch earlier this evening. this is what it looked like from our sky 9 chopper. head over to city hall and surrounding neighborhood for a closer look. for more events and stories from where you live go to find your community in our where you live section and keep up what's happening in your neighborhood. got a story, a news tip for us, we want to hear from you. contact us. be part of the team. going to make one person very happy this holiday season. we are giving away an ipad for free on facebook. go to our facebook page, click "like us" and click on the sweepstakes tab for your chance to win. if you already like us on facebook you still need to click on the tab to enter the contest.
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you have until december 17th to enter. winners december 20th. on 9news now. what's up? >> cold. and getting colder. too cold to bike, do anything outside. >> that's right. seems like every week we constantly say okay, coldest air of the season. well, it is now. tis the season. a few flurries in the area. holiday spirit. cold air getting you a little closer to the fireplace. any way you look at it we will not get close to the average high. here is your almanac. remember this number. 51. some of you. 76 degrees. 12 years ago. nice day here in september. 76. i doubt anybody remembers 1896. 15 was the low. also in 1895. here is the big story. scattered flurries not really in the dc area. mainly south and west and more than flurries in a few cases but tomorrow we could see maybe here or there northern counties
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as well, maybe from haggerstown to frederickton. biting winds tomorrow. we are talking 0, 25 miles per hour, gusts 30, 35. some of our western county neighbors will probably see winds over 50 in a few high elevations. more to come. not just strong winds for 24 hours. these numbers will drop another 8 to 10 by tomorrow morning. so already near the freezing mark in many locations. fredericksburg 35. when i take you to our high- definition doppler 9000 you can see where it is a little bit of light rain where the temperature's above the freezing mark. this has been light snow mainly in this area for the last several hours. so flors have been falling down to around warrenton, orange,
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culpeper down to blacksburg. nothing too heavy. i-64 getting a dusting on the grassy area. tomorrow afternoon it is possible we could see a few patches here and there. let's take a look at the temperatures across the u.s. because this is cold stuff. 16 in minneapolis. all of this cold air is going to be funneling into the area. that's right. teens. it will feel like it is in the teens with the winds blowing up to 25 and 30. here is that snow cover making its way from chicago 350 flights canceled around o'hare. not much left of this clipper. we call them clippers. they are fast moving. it is going to be making its way off the north carolina shore overnight tonight. the bigger story are the winds. an area of low pressure in new england is going to sit and park itself for the next several days. this area of low pressure, this clipper is gone. has nothing to do with our winds. notice the light blue color here. north west winds continue just to make their way into our
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area. moisture is going to kind of shove itself up against the western facing slope and we are talking heavy accumulations for a good portion of west virginia into mid-week. but the higher terrain, the eastern part of western virginia could see over a foot of snow. so if you know anybody in this area it will be -- it is a tough road to hoe here as we get into wednesday and thursday because by monday a foot in some of the higher elevations. purple is the advisory. that will be discontinued by tomorrow morning. so the first clipper of the season in and out of the area. 40 for a high tomorrow. here is your next three days. only upper 30s after that. again, remember 51 is average high and it is not in the seven-day forecast. the big story, though, bruce, the win tomorrow will be relentless for about the next three days. bundle up. >> thank you. >> start with the caps tonight? >> yes. playing pretty well. up and down. but tonight thing happened to the caps that hasn't happened all year long.
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check this out. alex ovechkin finding the red light. had it going for them. georgetownvirginia tech completing an 11-game winning streak in convincing style in the a.c.c. next.
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oh yes hi. can you put my grandma on the phone please? thanks. excuse me a sec. another person calling for her grandmother. she thinks it's her soup huh? i'm told she's in the garden picking herbs. she is so cute. okay i'll hold. she's holding. wha? (announcer) progresso. you gotta taste this soup. this chicken tortilla soup has such a wonderful zesty quality. that's the chipotle and cilantro. it's one of our new mexican soups. it reminds me of guadalajara. a special man. his delicious soups. sheila? [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. and now #sports with dave owens. the best sports in town. >> after winning a league best 30 games on home ice last season the caps are at it again. 12-1-1 at verizon center. best in the nhl. ruthless to visitors. and if you are a fellow southeast division team forget about it. none have managed a win here this season. caps kicking off the longest home stand of the year. atlanta in town tonight.
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thrashers doing all the dirty work too. watch alexander. hello, obtuse angle. beat him upstairs. going to want that one back. atlanta outshot washington 46- 33. into the 2nd on the power play. alex and alex can and they will. 2-1. lots of stick work on the power play and andrew ladd delivers. first southeast division team to beat the caps 3-1. >> obviously have to do something else than score goals. >> when goalies play well there is a reason. not enough traffic. played well. just needed a little extra push. georgetown 4th in the country but didn't rely on that today they relied on this. defense, grand theft orange and watch the senior chris wright flying, whirling. but only a four-point game


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